Time Lock – Computer security protection and access control software, child lock

Time Lock is a simple program, which allows to protect your computer against unwanted use. When the computer is locked by the Time Lock software, nobody can access documents on your computer, run programs, browse on the internet, etc. The program allows to lock the computer in the way, that it is not possible to use it. After the password is entered, the computer is unlocked for a desired time period. Than it is possible to work without limitations. After the period has elapsed, the computer is automatically locked.

Time Lock is very often used by parents as a "child lock" for home PC. Simply let your child to play games or browse on the internet only for a certain time period.

Program description

  • Protects your computer against unwanted use
  • Automatically locks the computer after computer started
  • You can also lock the computer manually
  • You can unlock the computer for a desired time period
  • After the period has elapsed, the computer is automatically locked
  • Time Lock can not be terminated by using the "Task Manager" or "Ctrl+Alt+Del" key combination
  • Simple and quick installation, easy operation of the software
  • Multi-language user interface (English, Čeština - other languages in preparation)
  • Free DEMO version to try

Installation requirements

  • Operating system MS Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP
  • Administrator's rights

Time Lock

Prices of the software Time Lock

Price per 1 PC4,004,0080,00

All prices are excluding VAT. The prices are valid from 2.5.2024. The license is granted for an indefinite period, upgrades are free.

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Size:1.8 MB

DEMO version limitations: you can unlock the computer max. for 30 minutes.

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