App Starter Creator (for x86 and x64 platforms)

App Starter Creator is a free program that lets you make starting module for your applications x86 and x64 under Windows platform.

App Starter Creator is particularly useful for creating portable applications.

Program description

  • After launch detects the version of operating system and then launch the application for x86 or x64
  • You can use relative paths, absolute paths, UNC paths and environment variables
  • Automatically copies the icon from the executable file
  • Automatically copies version information from the executable file
  • Optionally you can specify command line parameters
  • Optionally you can specify run-time environment variables

You can create a starting module simple in three steps:

  1. Select target starting module.
  2. Select executable file for x86 platform.
  3. Optionaly select executable file for x64 platform.

The program is provided free of charge and royalty free even for commercial use.

App Starter Creator
Free download App Starter Creator
Size:2.4 MB

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